Out Take: Eduardo Aram

Eduardo Aram


Web: eduardoaram.com

Contact: Brice Gaeta, [email protected]

Most Recent: Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis

Eduardo Aram is the composer behind the dynamic musical score for Netflix’s Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis, which has three distinct parts that encompass different compositional styles. “The direction of Daniel [Sivan] and Mor [Loushy] was essential—a good director makes a composer a better professional,” Aram says of the project. “I used elements from German jazz from the 40s and cast great L.A. jazz musicians. Because the tape recordings of the guards appeared all the time in the movie, I used a lot of tape recording to make the score sound vintage.” 

The film wasn’t Aram’s first documentary; he’s scored several including BBC’s The Odyssey, Blood on the Wall and Netflix’s El Chapo. “Documentaries have dialogue most of the time, and I like music that underscores the storytelling without breaking the concentration of the viewer,” Aram says. “Based on scripts, rough cuts or creative conversations with the filmmakers, I always start creating themes and moods connecting it with the sound palate, aligning the music with the picture. After I have dozens of themes and moods, I start spreading it along the picture using variations of tempo and instrumentation.” 

Though he’s been composing professionally for a decade and practiced music since he was a kid, Aram was previously a lawyer. “When I had to choose a career in the University, my family convinced me being a lawyer could bring me better chances of making a life,” Aram says. “At some point I realized it was completely pointless to put my efforts in something I wasn’t really excited about, since I was the one that had to live with my career choice.”

His advice to newcomers in the field is to take advantage of how easy it is to create music at home and have something ready to show potential employers: “It is very important to understand that you may work for someone else in the beginning. Accept that as an education, and use it to learn what is right, what is wrong and how to behave in this field. However, don’t let people exploit you because you are a beginner. Always push yourself to evolve, and use your instincts.” •