Mental Health & Wellness Resources Focus on Life on The Road

This April, the music industry’s mental health and wellness resource Backline and not-for-profit Conscious Alliance continue their joint initiative to support touring musicians and crew members. Take.Care Wellness Kits –– providing wellness products and mental health resources designed specifically for life on the road and the unique health challenges that come with it –– will ship directly to touring parties this Spring/Summer. The initiative, designed to help normalize mental health conversations within the industry and to support artists and crews in prioritizing well-being, is made possible by funding from SBK Foundation. As the family foundation of a veteran booking agent, longtime musician, and philanthropist - SBK is a natural partner for the Take.Care program.
This past Fall, Take.Care delivered kits to 120 touring professionals across 15 states in just three months. For this Phase 2, 200 kits will be distributed and will include wellness products donated by WishGarden HerbsPassion House Coffee, and Karl Family Farms, as well as information and access to critical mental health resources from Backline

Take.Care Wellness Kits can be requested by completing the form at https://backline.care/tote and can be shipped to home, office or directly to U.S. Tour.
On the program, Ron Kaplan, Senior Agent and Executive at Reliant Talent Agency and SBK Foundation President says, “It’s such a blessing to be able to support non-profit organizations doing important work. As part of the music community myself, the addition of Backline to the SBK family of beneficiaries has been especially rewarding. With the Take.Care program specifically, while a kit of goodies won’t cure mental health issues, I do hope that they help raise awareness of the vast and valuable resources available via Backline and that they help encourage candid conversations that aid artists and touring teams create a supportive culture on the road.”
Hilary Gleason, Executive Director of Backline Care adds, “These kits have proven to be a powerful way to support touring personnel on the road and reciprocate some of the joy that they provide through live music.”
Take.Care is generously funded by the SBK Foundation (Selma Breskin Kaplan Foundation), the family foundation of Ron Kaplan, Senior Agent and Executive at Reliant Talent Agency. 
As SBK’s President, Kaplan partners with non-profit organizations to “support inspiring causes for a better world.” In addition to Backline (Take.Care), SBK is a benefactor to CYCLE Kids, L39ion, Urban Voices Project, and Kaplan’s own non-profit initiative, CITYPAK. CITYPAK (SBK’s original and flagship donor recipient), strives for dignity for the unhoused through the distribution of backpacks specifically designed for life on the streets. Between April 30-May 2, 2023, together with Reliant Talent, CITYPAK will distribute 1000 PAKs in Nashville (home to Reliant Talent HQ). Visit Citypak.org and SBKGives.org for info.

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