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ONErpm's ONE Publishing Partners with YouTube

What began as a music distribution company, ONErpm aims to simplify artists' lives by providing them with innovative solutions for plays and royalties. ONE Publishing is the division that handles the registration and management of royalties for musical publishing rights by 'tracking' where they are distributed and collecting royalties from platforms such as music, video, or even film and TV. Additionally, the owner retains 100% of the rights, receives royalties on 85%, and benefits from flexible licensing terms, among other advantages.

Global Agreements Making a Difference
With the sole aim of benefiting its artists, ONE Publishing has just signed an agreement with YouTube, becoming the first and only partner with a direct collection agreement for multiple countries in Latin America and the USA (excluding Mexico and Argentina).

According to the latest Global Music Report 2023 by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), one of the platforms generating the most revenue for artists worldwide is YouTube. This prompted ONE Publishing to exclusively advance with a regional agreement with the video platform.
Starting from April 1, 2024, ONE Publishing will directly collect mechanical royalties from YouTube in Brazil, the United States, and the vast majority of Latin American countries, becoming the first and only YouTube partner with this type of direct agreement in those territories.