Attend NARIP Film/TV Music Supervisor Pitch Session

NARIP Film and TV Music Supervisor Pitch Session
(Rush Hour, Gloria, Dad Wanted): 
Control Freaks' Patricia Carrera
Thursday, September 7th, 2023 at 1:00PM PST via Zoom

At this NARIP Music Supervisor Pitch Session:

Meet globetrotting music supervisor Patricia Carrera who sources and places music in ad campaigns, films, TV shows and documentaries.

Intimate event with top music supervisor: enrollment limited to 16 people

No cattle calls, no 300-person crowds or conferences, no velvet ropes

Get brief in advance to prepare your best pitch

Direct access + firsthand info + instant feedback = better results FOR YOU

Open the door for future and ongoing music placements


Trends in music licensing

Budgets and fee ranges @NARIP


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