Nexadyne™ Dynamic Vocal Microphone: Your Key to Unmatched Clarity and Performance - Available Now!

More of what you want. Less of what you don’t. Designed to work show after show, Shure is proud to present the Nexadyne™ Dynamic Vocal Microphone platform. Engineered with professional touring, seasoned vocalists, and high-profile presentations in mind, this revolutionary technology offers exceptional sound quality, ease of use, and confidence to benefit both performers and engineers alike. Powered by our patented Revonic™ Dual-Engine Transducer Technology, this groundbreaking microphone delivers unparalleled clarity while reducing unwanted noise.  Nexadyne’s revolutionary dynamic microphone technology empowers acoustically honest reproduction of sound, so you can confidently provide the exact vocal delivery you desire to every venue corner, every time.

Revonic™ Dual-Engine Transducer Technology

An innovative dynamic microphone design that uses two matched dynamic transducers to improve microphone performance for both engineers and performers alike.

  • Vocal performers will experience natural and vivid clarity when performing enabled by a cartridge design that optimizes signal output acoustically.
  • Engineers will receive stronger and cleareroutput, resulting in fewer typical EQ corrections often necessary to retain vocal clarity within the mix.

The Nexadyne microphone series includes two core XLR models, cardioid and supercardioid black finish:

• The clean and natural cardioid pattern of the Nexadyne 8/C allows vocals to easily reach every corner of the venue.

• The focused and natural supercardioid polar pattern of the Nexadyne 8/S ensures that vocals cut through to the very last row.

• Both patterns are also available as wireless capsules in black and nickel finish.

• Handheld wireless transmitter models for Axient Digital, ULX-D. QLX-D and SLX-D will be available Summer 2024.

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