There are three different wireless systems specifically designed to meet three very different uses. All of the wireless systems use the UDX-Dual-Channel Digital PLL (phase-locked-loop) Receiver and VocoPro’s innovative Mic-on-Chip technology with internal digital processing that includes a sophisticated Limiter and noise Gate. 

The three systems are: VocoPro Singer/Songwriter-Handheld, Singer/Songwriter- Headset, and the Singer/Songwriter-Instrument for cordless guitars and/or bass instruments. 

The all-metal, VocoPro Singer/Songwriter-Handheld wireless mic has minimum handling noise and includes a BM-36 boom mic stand, plus has the UDX-GT3 guitar/ bass/effect pedal wireless transmitter. 

The UDX-BP headset microphone also has the UDX-GT3 guitar/bass/effect pedal wireless transmitter plus the WP-1 pouch to hold the wireless bodypack; it also comes with the BM-36 boom microphone stand. 

The UDX-IT instrument microphone for drums or brass and woodwind instruments includes the same UDX-DUAL Channel digital PLL mic receiver as all three systems, the wireless bodypack plus the UDX-GT3 guitar/bass/effect pedal wireless transmitter, WP-1 pouch and a BM- 36 boom microphone stand. 

All three systems are priced at $399 MSRP each.