Tegan & Sara: The Bellwether LA. Los Angeles, CA. August 14th.

Tegan and Sara, the twin sisters whose knack for creating songs that span the musical spectrum from emo-folk to effervescent pop brought them alt-rock cred as well as mainstream appeal, opened their show at The Bellwether LA with sheer exuberance.  The duo crossed the stage with bright smiles before belting out the beautifully harmonized “You Wouldn’t Like Me,” off their 2004 release So Jealous.

The pair followed up with a round that encapsulated Tegan and Sara’s twenty-five-year career, from the fuzzy, synth-driven “I Can’t Grow Up” (off the new release Crybaby) to the piano-based indie-stalwart “Back in Your Head” from 2007’s The Con.  Both songs were aided by the audience, many likely longtime fans who grew up alongside the band, singing along in unison.

Tegan and Sara continued to move the show forward with a stunning selection that featured the duo’s scintillating vocal interplay. “I Bet It Stung,” “On Directing,” the widely popular “Feel It in My Bones” and “Boyfriend” were just a few of the songs taken from their well-stocked archive of material that highlights such meticulous musicianship.

The duo stopped a few times during their set to connect with quick-witted banter about parenthood, children vs. pets, and the pros and cons of social media. Ultimately, the tone of the conversation turned inward, with the pair thanking fans for being with them through the years as well as helping the Tegan and Sara Foundation improve the lives of LGBTQ + women and girls. The band utilized the moment of quietude as a starting point to deliver stripped-down, acoustic versions of “How Come You Don’t,” “I Was a Fool,” and “My Number,” the latter being one of their earliest works from 2000’s This Business of Art.

A carefully crafted and superbly arranged subset of songs, including “Shock to Your System,” “Sometimes I See Stars,” as well as their classic, “Walking with a Ghost,” ended the show leaving fans wanting more.  To their delight, Tegan and Sara returned in fast fashion for what Sara described as the “awkward encore,” with the beloved tracks “Where Does the Good Go” and “Closer.” The two songs cemented that while Tegan and Sara’s show might be over, their songs won’t be out of mind – but sitting quietly to reemerge at the most spectacular of times.

Tegan and Sara will be touring through Nov. 2023.  Check out Crybaby on Mom + Pop Music.

Set List

You Wouldn't Like Me

I Can’t Grow Up

Back in Your Head

Pretty Shitty Time

I Bet it Stung

The Con

F*****g Up What Matters

On Directing

Under My Control

Feel It in My Bones (Tiësto)


Stop Desire

Smoking Weed

How Come You Don’t Want Me

I Was a Fool

My Number

Shock to Your System


Sometimes I See Stars

Living Room

Walking With a Ghost


Where Does the Good Go