The AFX Series features three new guitar pedals and are an essential addition to any guitarist’s finished acoustic guitar sound. All three are the same, small physical size measuring just 1.6W X 3.8D X 1.92H inches and all three have either True Bypass (completely removes it from the signal path) or a buffered bypass for interfacing other pedals on your pedalboard. Much too small for an internal 9-volt battery, these are powered by Fishman’s 910-R AC adapter/regulated 9-volt power supply. All the Fishman AFX Mini Pedals use 24-bit A/D/A conversion and 32-bit processing, 1/4-inch In and Out jacks, and are housed in sturdy, crush-proof aluminum boxes. 

In addition, all the AFX pedals have the unique Dual Path Routing via the two, TRS (Tip-Ring- Shield) In/Out jacks. All covered in the manual, two guitar amps can be fed the same signal without loss simultaneously at the same time using the AFX Pocket Blender ($199.99 MSRP). You can also set up two independent pedal effect chains on your pedal board by daisy-chaining them using TRS cables or use them like any other effects pedal. 

The AFX Echoback Mini Delay is a simple to use, mono delay pedal with three switchable sound delay types available. Even though this is a digital pedal, the Analog delay type simulates delays like an old solid-state delay that used uses a bucket-brigade to hold/store a sound for a moment before playing it back out. 

My favorite delay type is the middle switch position called Tape that sounds like an old analog tape recorder. With Tape, the sound quality deteriorates with each successive repeat—minus the annoying tape recorder hiss I don’t miss from the ‘70s. 

The Digital type sounds like a super-clean digital delay line; it is great for very tight millisecond delay times for doubling effects. Delay times for all three delays range from 0ms to 800ms and the Repeats control can be set to as many echoes as you’d like. Level works in parallel with the delays added to the original sound leaving it unaltered. 

I thought the Tap Tempo feature worked great! Pressing and holding down the footswitch “flashes” the currently stored tempo on the pedal’s green LED—just toe-tap to change it. Lastly when you switch to bypass, whatever echoes repeating continues and fades out naturally. 

Another in the series Fishman AFX Mini pedals for acoustic instruments, the AFX Echoback Mini Delay is $159 MSRP.