New Toys: D’Addario's New Accessories

There are three new standout accessories released in 2023 from D'Addario. The Comfort Leather Auto Lock straps are the newest in the D'Addario strap line that combines the easy security of Auto Lock with classic leather comfort and style. D'Addario implemented the simplest integrated strap locking system into D'Addario black, tan and brown leather straps in 2.5 and 3-inch widths to create both a modern and traditional look. Comfort Leather Auto Lock straps start at $58 MSRP.

Inspired by the original Grolsch bottle cap washer, the new Flex Lock Strap Blocks is a versatile option for players who do not want to modify an instrument or add a permanent solution to any part of their strap setup. Inexpensive enough to use on every instrument, Flex Lock Strap Blocks slip right over any endpin and can be removed and used with multiple instruments and straps. Flex Locks sell for $5.95 MSRP each.

The third new D’Addario Accessory is the Universal Neck Rest, a handy gadget for changing strings or for a safe way to lean a guitar or bass upright. Compact and easily transportable, yet strong and durable, it’s made of an inert material that grips the neck of most stringed instruments without damaging the finish. Universal Neck Rests sell for $21.95 MSRP.