New Music Critiques: AbsenT


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Web: Soundcloud

Seeking: Label
Style: Hip-Hop

Clarkston rapper AbsenT has got some beefs to settle, and he’s going to do his settling in the form of diss tracks, if his song “YB Can’t Keet It Real” is anything to go by. The production is impressivley clean, his beats absolutely on point, and his vibe is one of an artist ready to take a step forward with his career. His vocal delivery is tight too; though there’s little to separate his voice from the many others in an increasingly crowded space. The best song on AbsenT’s Soundcloud is “Runing Out of Time,” which sees him really let loose and spit out his lyrics like he really isnt playing. His actual lyrics are... fine. But the hip-hop world has never been more competitive and he’ll need to keep working on them.