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Up Close: LA Sound Panels

Convenient and Affordable Studio Treatment Option: In 2011, veteran guitarist Mike Lizarraga was tracking an acoustic project and about to mix it in his own studio space in North Hollywood, CA, when he realized he needed treatments on the walls. His search for the right materials delayed the project several days. Realizing that artists, musicians and engineers thrive on time efficiency, he summoned his entrepreneurial skills and launched LA Sound Panels. His goal: creating an easy, convenient and affordable option for music professionals to treat their studios.

The company now has its trademark acoustic panels and bass traps in studios and other businesses, including corporate environments, post-production edit bays, home theatres, churches and restaurants throughout California, Arizona, Texas and Tennessee, in addition to Taiwan and Japan. “When someone mixes in a room with no treatment,” Lizarraga says, “it is hard to get an accurate representation of the sound coming through the speakers.␣Our panels help eliminate the sound of the room when listening back.”

LA Sound Panels

Flagship Products: LA Sound Panels’ 2” Acoustic Panels (full dimensions, 24” x 48” x 2”) are ideal for first and second reflection points in a room. The company recommends treatment with these broadband panels, which create an immediate difference in the listening environment. They are also ideal for deadening vocal booths, event spaces, music venues, rehearsal rooms and any other space with acoustic issues. Their Lo-Tone Bass Traps, which come in 2”, 4” and 6” sizes and have high absorption rates down to 50 Hz, are perfect for ultimate low frequency absorption. LA Sound Panels also sells diffusers and a Portable Recording Wall, which consists of two 24”x 84”x 2” panels hinged together, with both sides covered in fabric.

Above and Beyond Customer Service: Being a small company (10 employees) allows LA Sound Panels to attend to their clients’ needs much quicker than larger organizations. In addition to offering daily onsite consultations and custom studio acoustics planning (in Los Angeles and beyond), starting this year, they offer studio design and full-service audio installations that include patch bay setup, cable runs, gear selection, console commissioning, etc.

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