New Toys: Nugen Audio AB Assist 2 

Nugen Audio's new comparison tool AB Assist 2 "automates" and organizes the process of quickly and accurately comparing multiple audio streams. Now different performances or "takes" such as lead vocals, or streams of audio can be auditioned fairly. Making accurate decisions between sonic differences, plug-in changes, mix versions, and performances is made more scientifically yet AB Assist 2 is simple to use and bias-free. 

With version 2 comes the utility to compare up to four different audio sources ranging from mono vocal/dialog tracks to surround mixes that use any channel count. Multiple plug-in instances inserted on each audio source will link together and communicate in this version automatically obviating all the trouble of setting up various send routing within your DAW system. I love this feature!

A useful "voting" tool in Nugen Audio's AB Assist 2 is the blind test function. By randomly naming the audio streams as X or Y, ensures a completely unbiased opinion while listening to audio sources—you will have no idea of which source is currently playing.

AB Assist 2 also has an auto-level match function that sets the short-term loudness (LUFS) of each of the sources to be the same—because sometimes a louder music mix can fool us into believing it is better.

This is a separate process from the Trim function that sets the subjective level between sources. You may also compare mono compatibility with the mono-check feature that cross-fades between sources to check how much of your stereo width disappears when combining (mixing) all channels together.  

AB Assist 2 is now available for download and sells for $49 or $10 to upgrade AB Assist 1 to AB Assist 2.