New Toys: CAD Audio CX1 and CX2

CAD Audio, a venerable 90-year-old pro audio company, has expanded its Connect Line of its audio interfaces, small mixers, and studio/podcasting packs with the introduction of the CX1 and CX2 Audio Interfaces. 

At $49.99 MSRP, the single-channel CX1 is the perfect "on the go" interface for podcasters or music producers who want a small, great-sounding interface with 48-volt phantom power for recording using a condenser mic.

I found using the CX1 easy—it’s connected and powered via an included USB-C cable connected to your laptop. The CX1 features an XLR Combi input jack located right on the front panel for either an XLR microphone or a line level signal using its ¼-inch connector. The CX1 has a smooth feeling Gain control for setting recording levels, a stereo headphone jack, and also a full-range Monitor control for setting the headphone volume and the L/R RCA output jacks on the rear panel.

For stereo recording at $79.99, the CX2 is just as easy to use and is also USB-powered. The CX2 has a switch for either Line/Mic XLR inputs like the CX1 but adds the Inst (instrument) switch for an additional 3dB more gain for sensitive, higher impedance instruments like direct guitars.

The CX2 has individual signal present and clip LEDS for both inputs and a separate headphone volume control. Other features are the Mono/Off/Stereo switch for combining inputs 1 and 2 into mono recordings for podcasting. Like the CX1, the CX2 has an on/off switch for 48-volt phantom power on the read panel.

Both the CX1 and CX2 deliver high-quality 24-bit professional recordings at up to 96-kHz sample rates. Both units have front panel headphone jacks and rear panels with L/R outputs and USB-C jacks. Both units are compatible with nearly any recording software on Windows or Macintosh operating systems.