Lucid Sound Driver new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Lucid Sound Driver


Themes by Lucid Sound Driver are simple yet evocative, quite like the ambient works of Brian Eno and Harold Budd, deploying dense, weighty synth tones that resonate like epic, imposing gongs. With subtle modulations, the artist conjures and sustains atmospheres that convey realms that are ancient or futuristic, subterranean or subaqueus. The repetition of these monolithic tones can be alternately hypnotic, uplifting or menacing as the composer tweaks the key and pace. We can imagine tripping to LSD’s themes (“Transcending Temporal Planes,” “...Spiritual Corridors” and “Approaching a Doorway”) at a midnight museum event, in a videogame like Silent Hill, in a sci-fi fantasy flick or Cirque du Soleil.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: lucidsounddriver.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, Soundscape, OST
Style: Ambient

Lucid Sound Driver - "Walking Down Spiritual Corridors"

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