James Carvalho new music critique

New Music Critique: James Carvalho

Musicianship 8

Standing out and distinguishing oneself in a crowded EDM field is no small task. And artist James Carvalho proves it on “Jailbreak,” which is skillful but mainly relies on tried-and-true dance beats and familiar synth patches to get by. It’s decent stuff, and it shows some interesting throbs and modulation shifts, but no great shakes, really. Most of all, the track lacks the kind of thrill power that’s expected of a live EDM performer. “Steppin Time” is better, delivering cool textures and nice dynamic shifts. But it is on “Horizon Fades” that the artist shows how his true calling might be as a videogame composer. The track is hooky, dynamic and it morphs and molts with an engaging propulsion.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/JamesCarvalhoMusic
Seeking: Booking, Licensing, Film/TV
Style: EDM

James Carvalho - "Jailbreak"

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