Live Review: Freddy & Francine at Mid City Music Lounge


Material: Freddy & Francine are a folk/pop duo with sincere, relatable lyrics driven home by the duo’s down-to-earth personalities. This act has a solid range of material that includes slow, heartfelt ballads, like “Mama,” and the upbeat, cleverly written “Brownstown Alley,” which has been featured on indie radio station KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Musicianship: With harmonies that weave into a blend of sweet and soulful tones, Caruso and Ferris fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle. The dynamics of their vocals, whether solo or in duet, are impeccably controlled and precise. They both sing with a strength that could project their voices without a microphone. Ferris’ guitar playing marries grace and strength, as pure emotion pours from the simple pluck or passionate strum of his strings. Overall, these two are very much in sync and have clearly taken the time to study and learn what the other has to offer.

Performance: The duo captivated the room with a simplistic setup of two microphones, a guitar and four stomping feet. The venue was fairly small, so it felt as if you were watching an impromptu performance in their living room. Caruso charmed her way through most of the evening with witty banter while Ferris went along for the ride. They tested some new material the two had never performed before, as well as playing a few of their crowd favorites. A friend joined them on stage to sing an unplugged version of “Oh Holy Night” that could bring tears to the Grinch's eyes. All that was missing was a fireplace and a cup of hot cocoa. The audience swooned one last time with “A Simple Thing,” which just like its title, is a simple, heart-warming love song.

Summary: Freddy & Francine have a musical connection that radiates on stage and draws listeners in. After a four-year hiatus, they shouldn’t have to worry about reestablishing themselves on the scene.With a loyal fan base and after a month-long residency at Hollywood’s Hotel Café, they seem to be picking up where they left off. If anything, their absence only made the ears grow fonder

–Allegra Azzopardi