Brandon Wildish new music critique

New Music Critiques: Brandon Wildish


Like Jack Johnson and others, singer/songwriter Brandon Wildish achieves an appealing, full-bodied sound with his propulsive acoustic guitar technique and smooth, endearing voice. He’s an artist whose chiming harmonies can bring a sunny lilt to heartache. “Crossing The Line” and “Other Side” have a similar sound––the former is an easygoing tropical-flavored tune, the latter a more uptempo, top-down-at-the-beach song whose hookiness could work well for a TV commercial. Wildish shifts gears with “Take What You Want,” which has a dusky, nighttime aura and evocative cinematic sounds in its fabric while allowing the singer to show some explosive energy at the mic. Wildish is a talent to watch.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV, Label
Style: Indie Pop

Brandon Wildish - "Crossing The Line"

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