Jet Hundreds

New Music Critique: Jet Hundreds


Jet Hundreds’ sound is “right now,” absolutely current. His knack for catchy elements can lure the listener in for a cool ride. “MindxSweeper” is a perfect example of his work; not only is its beat full of playful textures and accents (a synth bird cry), but the artist’s voice (heavily fx’d on every song) has a tonality that commands attention. On “LOML XX6,” which has an alluring complexity of elements, his rapid-fire flow conveys his concern that he may be losing his girl to drugs. He slows the pace considerably for “Phantom Island” which again puts his liberally autotuned voice front and center. This New Mexico artist’s influences are clear; now we’d like to see him innovate.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: jethundredsmusic.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, Mgmt, Radio, Tour
Style: Funk, Flex, Rage, New Wave Electronic, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop