ASCAP EXPO 2019 Kicks Off in Los Angeles

ASCAP President and Chairman of the Board Paul Williams kicked off ASCAP’s Annual Membership Meeting, the leadoff event of Day 1 of the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO in Los Angeles, CA. The meeting featured special performances from Portugal. The Man and MILCK

The What makes this event a stand out is how it brings music creators from around the world together and they discover they have a lot in common.  The first day of expo gave guests tips along with inside information such as why Atlanta is one of the world’s largest music cities, learned the unwritten rules to writing in Nashville, and traced the rise of emo rap. Along with this, guests recieved a crash course in music publishing, got schooled in negotiating film/TV contracts, and had their music knowledge evaluated live by score master Bear McCreary and a panel of urban music experts. This was all before Lee Ann Womack, Stephen Bishop, Jack Tempchin and Wyclef Jean performed after another at the“Center Stage” showcase.

During the second day of the event, guests can expect to learn how to use social media to tell their stories, market themselves with the latest digital tools, and make a living with their voices. Composer Siddhartha Khosla & co. will also be in attednace to unpack the score for This Is Us, while Wyclef Jean will share some incredible insights into blazing your own musical path. This all culminates in the Keynote session with The Roots co-founder Questlove, who will hold a summit on creativity with Paul Williams.

Darrell Brown will also choose guests at random to transform their songs into memorable hits with the help of the audience members.  Along with this, Brown will also provide feedback on the songs in order to help guests advance their music careers.

Guests can also check out tonight's live music programming at the new Live House @ Musicians Instittue for the annual "EXPO Factor" attendee showcase at 8 p.m.  After, the "She Rocks" Showcase will begin at 9:30 p.m., which will be presneted by the Women's International Muic Network.

For more, visit expo.ascap.com