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ONErpm Unveils 'Amplifier' Marketing Campaign Management

ONErpm has announced its proprietary Marketing Campaign Management System, Amplifier, a groundbreaking technology that provides ONErpm creators with unprecedented, on-demand information and transparency regarding their marketing campaigns and associated costs being executed by ONErpm’s marketing and promotional teams around the world.

With Amplifier, artists can see precisely which marketing initiatives their dedicated ONErpm marketing teams are executing—while ONErpm in turn can also assign artists tasks that they access within their ONErpm dashboard—ensuring all parties are on the same page as they work collaboratively. Amplifier also ensures that artists and ONErpm label partners have full access to detailed statistics in real time on how promotional initiatives are impacting their streaming numbers daily. This unprecedented access to how marketing campaigns are executed, combined with detailed  business intelligence data in real time, gives creators the autonomy to better manage and understand their day-to-day marketing needs, build on current campaigns, and improve future launch strategies.

Amplifier consists of 137 pre-defined marketing tasks assigned to ONErpm’s marketing teams and another 47 tasks assigned to artist teams. Tasks are organized across multiple marketing verticals such as DSP, direct-to-fan, on-platform advertising, public relations, radio promotions, OOH advertising, YouTube channel and video optimization, and much more, as well as pre-release and post-release activations with completion due dates. Amplifier also allows for the creation of custom tasks so as not to be limited by the pre-selects. ONErpm project managers create the campaigns and assign the number of tasks appropriate for the size of the artist and desired campaign objectives to artist teams and ONErpm internal promotional specialists. Once each task is completed it is marked as complete with accompanying notes so that artist teams can understand what was done. 

Amplifier is also available to ONErpm’s legion of DIY artists, but simplified down to 29 specific tasks designed for a step-by-step approach accompanied by a tutorial and best practices guides. Since the beta launch of Amplifier, over 35,000 DIY campaigns have been created and completed. DIY releases with campaigns outperformed those without Amplifier by 129% on average in terms of streams during the month of September. Future versions of Amplifier for the DIY tier will incorporate AI and Machine Learning to deliver a more bespoke experience. 

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