Novation Sound Collective Members Offered Free Neon Sound Library by Capsule

Now through June 22, members of Novation’s Sound Collective community can download Capsule's Neon sound library and instrument, for Mac and Windows. Normally sold for $9.99 per month with access to all sounds, or $19.99 outright per sound pack, Neon is free to download for Sound Collective members.

Capsule is an intuitive and innovative synthesis engine that concentrates its intri-cate sound design into eight easy-to-use macro controls, with the instruments play- able via the Capsule plugin. Under the hood, Capsule includes multiple types of oscillators, such as virtual analog, and a powerful sample playback engine.

Capsule’s sound libraries are collections of sounds including up to 64 instruments that have been meticulously crafted by sound designers. Each Capsule embodies a specific theme, enhancing the sonic palette of your tracks.

Recreate the retro sound of the 80s with Capsule’s Neon. Taking inspiration from the timeless sound of vintage synths, Neon dials into the iconic realms of synth- wave, new wave, industrial electronica, and avant-garde pop.

Build brassy chords, undulating basslines, and liquid-like pads; then stack your synth-driven sounds with chorus, flange, and delay to flood your music with broad beams of fluorescent light. Get ready to illuminate your tracks with 64 presets, cus- tom-built to be expressive, playable, and easy to use.

Sound Collective is a community hub that brings you, Novation and the most inno- vative software brands together. If you want to find great virtual instruments and effects, keeping up to date with the constant stream of new releases is essential, and Sound Collective makes it easy, with regular free software downloads and generous discounts on high-end plug-ins. To join Sound Collective, simply register any Novation product, then look out for a new offer every couple of months. No one else works with software manufacturers like we do to bring you inspirational tools for your next production.

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