Amphion's New Active Studio Monitor The One25A Is Now Available

Following its industry debut in April at the 2023 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, the One25A is the first 3-way active studio monitor from Amphion is now shipping. The One25A is a powerful full range monitor with a sealed design for the modern studio environment whether it be commercial, educational facilities, post-production, classical recording or film composing. Despite the active design the new monitor stays true to the 25-year commitment Amphion has for advanced acoustic design, a pure refined signal path and meticulous craftsmanship. The brand designed this new monitor with the same ethos as the previous passive speakers by focusing on results.

"The development process of the One25A started in 2019. During this path we left no stones unturned. This sort of crazy dedication, it makes no sense, but we feel that because it's a statement product we needed to get it 100% right," says Anssi Hyvönen, CEO of Amphion.

The 3-way active monitor features an innovative sealed dual cabinet, which is designed both as a stiffening support structure and as a physical-energy dispersion filter. It utilizes the mass of the sub-driver, and how it connects to the bracing structure to control the resonance of the whole enclosure to provide superior resolution and clarity. The new tweeter and midrange driver of the One25A are in an isolated sealed chamber to minimize the bass woofer’s negative effects like pressure changes, which leads to high midrange and treble resolution ensuring crystal clear transparency. Additionally, the baffle around the midrange chamber is acoustically symmetrical for a smooth frequency curve and precise imaging. The design also incorporates Amphion’s signature 5th generation waveguide and U/D/D (Uniformly Directive Diffusion) into the One25A ensuring driver integration, eliminating cabinet diffractions and producing a uniform, even response through a broad frequency band.

Amphion believes that the beauty of passive speaker crossovers lies in their simplicity, which helps to maintain a high level of audio resolution. The One25A follows this design philosophy, but as an active speaker it is radically different. The design could be described as a line-level passive crossover, which is buffered with ultra-clean FET buffers. This gives the One25A the best of both worlds. The design also utilizes Amphion’s overload protection circuitry that's kept separate from the audio signal path and it remains inactive until limiting is needed to ensure maximum resolution and safe user operation. Instead of placing the amplifiers and power supply inside the monitor, where they are negatively affected by physical vibration and magnetic forces of drivers, the electronic components are located on the exterior of the speaker and are well isolated from the enclosure to improve performance and allow for long life, easy serviceability and soffit mounting if desired. For room tuning and soffit mounting applications, Amphion has designed a proprietary 8-step low frequency adjustment boundary control (+/-7dB) allowing fine tuning the bass response when placing the One25A near boundaries. The adjustment is a smooth shelf-type curve mostly operating at frequencies below 150 Hz. The overall result offers an innovative, controlled monitor with speed, dynamics and emotional transfer users rely on from Amphion.

"Our job is to create a large clean window into sound that allows people to experience sound in a manner they have not been able to do before," Hyvönen concludes. "All of this leads to a certain acoustic purity and immaterial feel that all Amphion products share."

The speakers are available to purchase globally for $14,900.00 USD per pair. For more information about Amphion One25A, please visit: https://amphion.fi/products/one25a/.

One25A Video: https://youtu.be/Q5D5p9euyGs
One25A Support Material: https://amphion.fi/support/one25a/
One25A Manual: https://amphion.fi/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/09112023_One25A_Manual_web.pdf

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