Bobby Owsinski

Close Up: Bobby Owsinski

Multi-Faceted Industry Veteran: Bobby Owsinski’s website header bills him as Producer/Engineer, Author and Coach – but those designations tell only part of the industry veteran’s multi-faceted story. He started his career as a musician and songwriter and eventually segued into becoming an in-demand producer/engineer working on music, commercials and in TV and film. He was one of the first engineers to delve into surround sound music mixing, co-founding the pioneering Surround Associates, which did projects for artists like The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Chicago and many others. More recently, Owsinski mixed a #2 album on the Billboard Blues charts for AdriannaMarie and her Bluescutters, and produced and mixed a #6 on the iTunes rock charts for the band SNEW. A renowned music industry educator, he has guest lectured at universities and conferences throughout the world. He is also a bestselling author, with 24 books that are now staples in audio recording, music and business programs in colleges around the world—including Mixing Engineer Handbook, The Recording Engineer’s Handbook and Social Media Promotion For Musicians. His music production blog (bobbyowsinskiblog.com) is one of the most popular in the industry, with over 14 million views.

Online Mixing Courses: On his website bobbyowsinskicourses.com, Owsinski offers seven comprehensive online courses, including Vocal Mixing Techniques, Song and Mix Critiques, Music Producer Formula, Music Branding Crash Course and Music Prosperity Breakthrough. His Music Mixing Primer Course offers all the hitmaker techniques to build a great mix (that no one ever tells you). It’s a program for songwriters, musicians, producers, DJs and anyone who is struggling to make their mixes sound professional. The program is designed to help students build a powerful, punchy mix, easily find the perfect relationship between the bass, drums and vocals every time, learn the secret to dialing in the right EQ and compression for each track, and add major-label style effects that always make mixes sound bigger and better. Another popular program is 101 Mixing Tricks, which offers big studio mixing tricks that work in almost any home studio situation. “Instead of just telling people how to do something,” Owsinski says, “I explain why you’re doing it, so that as you develop, you can create your own trademark sound that sets you apart from other mixers and artists. It’s very fulfilling to know that I’m helping students go from struggling with their mixes to creating professional quality work.”   

Inner Circle Podcast: Owsinski started his popular Inner Circle Podcast (bobbyoinnercircle.com) five years ago after participating in a panel on another music industry podcast called The AudioNowcast. Consistently in the Apple 200 podcast rankings, it features music industry analysis, interviews with a wide range of music industry insiders, plus tips and the latest relevant news that start each broadcast. Owsinski recently aired his 260th podcast.

Contact Bobby Owsinski, bobbyowsinski.com, 818-588-6606