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Close Up: Miktek Audio

Inspired by the Iconic Mics of the Past: When audio industry veteran Mike Ketchell launched Miktek Audio in 2010, his goal was to buck the “race to zero” trend and create “step-up” products based on the pursuit of superior sound. Inspired by the iconic mics of the past, his engineering team has developed capsules and unique circuits that capture that elusive, classic sound. With a hyper-focus on quality control, final assembly is done at the company’s headquarters in Nashville using boutique AMI transformers. Each condenser is then tested on a TEFF system which measures frequency response. Each microphone comes with a serialized frequency response plot. Miktek’s use of these transformers and their meticulous hand-selection of transistors and other components guarantee that their custom capsules are perfectly matched with head-amplifiers and impeccable electronic performance. Ketchell’s decades in the audio world include pioneering Megamix, the first automation system that used a mouse to move the fader on a screen and play back a level change, and also working for CAD, Mackie and Samson.

Choosing Miktek over Vintage Mics: Top artists and engineer-producers from genres as diverse as Americana and hip-hop commonly choose Miktek products over vintage C12’s, U67’s and U47’s––including Chris Stapleton, Bruno Mars, Del McCoury Band, Sam Bush, David Grissom, Keith Urban, Alan Parsons and Bill Vorn Dick. Ketchell says, “Our mics possess all the qualities people love about vintage mics. However they have a modern voicing which makes them quite unique. Unlike most mics, they are extremely linear in the midrange. What that means is that when you use them on different types of voices and instruments, they produce a sound that’s faithful to what they are recording. Our microphones are extremely honest, and that makes them quite useful for recording a variety of instruments and different vocals styles.”

The #1 Seller and the First Imported Mic: Popular among hip-hop and bluegrass artists is the C7e Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern FET Condenser, which employs a high-pass filter and -10dB pad for recording loud sound sources. Its frequency response is warm on the bottom, silky on the top and has a midrange that’s natural and open. Miktek’s #1 seller (used by Bruno Mars, Keith Urban, among others) is the CV4 Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser, which offers nine pick-up patterns. It’s ideal for recording single vocalists and perfect for acoustic instruments, groups of vocals, piano, string ensembles, winds, overheads on a drum kit or as ambient room mics. Miktek’s first ever imported mic is the MK300 3 Pattern FET Large diaphragm condenser, which follows the Miktek design philosophy: class leading sound quality and incomparable value, in addition to what Ketchell says is “the MK300 sounds remarkable and exhibits incredible pattern control.” It features a great capsule, superior electronics, and as with the company’s other condensers, it employs a transformer output stage. It has three switchable polar patterns, including cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional; it also features a high-pass filter at 100Hz and -10dB pad for recording loud sound sources.

Contact Miktek Audio, 615-250-2434, miktekaudio.com