Dexx Almighti - new music critique

New Music Critique: Dexx Almighti


Houston-based artist Dexx Almighti has a consistent vision, an ability to create joints that seem cut from one sonic cloth. His best is “Addicted,” where a dark and dreamy track is peppered with just enough sparkle and a catchy keyboard motif to overcome the artist’s conversational monotone about his struggle for sobriety. Dexx adds vocalists and cranks the energy on a pair of boasts: “Dead Case” and “Finesse.” In the first, he details his killer sex prowess, and on the latter he spits a speedy, dynamic flow to depict himself as a hustler who twists situations in his favor. Both tunes sound similar, however, so we advise the artist to find ways to spice up his tracks and make each one a distinctive piece of work.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: OfficalDexx.com
Seeking: Label
Style: Rap, Hip-Hop

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