Bonsai Mammal - new music critique

New Music Critique: Bonsai Mammal


Electronic composer Jimmy Harry brings substantial chops to his Bonsai Mammal compositions, each one a complete and balanced morsel of sophisticated sonics (vast, epic reverb!) that glow with easy-to-like mainstream appeal. “Alligator” keeps the listener hooked by adding enticing elements while never losing its handle on the melodic hook. We can imagine this piece, with its trancey female vocal, seducing a chill-out tent full of woozy festival goers. More exotic (and ideal for yoga or deep breathing) is “Green In Blue,” which deploys a diversity of earthy instruments (woodwinds, flute), a pop-classical piano and a chanting female. The film/TV potential (nature/travel documentary) is obvious here.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: bonsaimammal.com
Seeking: Booking
Style: Electronic

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