New Music Critique: Sentual Strong


Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com
Seeking: Distribution, Film/TV, Label
Style: Instrumental, Techno/Dubstep

Self-proclaimed “phone freestyler” composer Sentual Strong demonstrates his touchtone acumen on “Price and Poison” and “Production Song #14,” both of which are hyper-synthetic “chase sequence” themes that display a talent for sparkling, shimmering synthesizer phrases and propulsive drumbeats. The latter theme is particularly nerve-rattling as it dishes up keening sounds along with synths that are bass-heavy and sinister. Neither composition engaged us much until we heard his “Spirited Bliss.” This one proves the artist has a firm grasp on how to present a catchy instrumental theme, one that builds interest every step of the way. We urge this artist to keep working, keep experimenting.