Chris Wills new music critique

New Music Critiques: Chris Wills


N.Y.-based Chris Wills has a strummy, hi-touch sound à la the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons. His “Since You Said Goodbye” is arranged with a stripped down, no drums style and a proclaiming lead vocal that’s lovelorn and plaintive. Wills goes big and bold on “The Place Ain’t for Me,” using acres of reverb that add depth and drama to his Mumford stomp. The track is elevated by lonesome synth-tones that create a celestial canvas for the song’s colors. Our favorite is “Nowhere to Go,” an energetic, happy-sounding country stomp whose sad lyrics and hook eventually take hold. Wills’ familiar influences will help him at first, but we urge this artist to continue to develop a defining quality of his own.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: chriswillsmusic.com

Seeking: Publicity, Label, Film/TV
Style: Singer/Songwriter, Folk/Pop

Chris Wills - "Since You Said Goodbye"

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