Unsigned Artist: Blackkiss

Production 8

Americana music lovers will want to check out this Utah-based artist, Pete Sands, whose tracks are altogether spare, heart- rending and oozing authenticity. A tale of murder, “Helldorado” vividly depicts a “sinners town,” while “Riding Free” casts bittersweet sunlight and shadow on a horse-man’s lone-wolf lifestyle. Our favorite song, “In The Dark,” is an admission of guilt in a busted love relationship and it showcases Sands’ understated formula: sad, rough-hewn, generally flat lead vocal; acoustic guitar; and high-lonesome electric guitar fills (with miles of echo) that put a haunting glaze on the downbeat, sometimes desolate proceedings. It’s all so simple and stark–– and dead-on effective.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: BlackkissDrifters.com
Seeking: Booking, Radio
Style: Western

Blackkiss - "In the Dark"