Amber Ryann new music critiques

New Music Critiques: Amber Ryann


Amber Ryann' s work exudes a haunted, subterranean vibe that’s alluring, but it has a tendency to overshadow her vocals and those of her guest rappers, and that means her messages get lost in the murk. Which 
is a shame, because there are undeniably hooky and inventive elements in these songs, such as “Take the Throne”––where we had to strain to hear guest rapper Miles. In the laid-back, sexy “Lonely Lonely,” guest rapper Bea$t is rendered more as part of the track’s fabric than one of its high-lights. The catchy, relatable “WESTSIDE” has hit potential, and we suggest Ryann experiment with her mix levels to see if she can build arrangements that allow certain elements to surface with more clarity.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: Facebook.com/amberryann
Seeking: Mgmt, Booking, Film/TV, Exposure
Style: Pop, Electronic, R&B

Amber Ryann - "WESTSIDE"

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