AFI - "The Blood Album" - music album review

Music Album Review: AFI - "AFI (The Blood Album)" (6/10)

Odds are high that aficionados of tongue piercings and nose rings couldn’t be more elated over the release of A Fire Inside’s (AFI) latest studio recording, their 10th. That’s all good, but there remains a predicament––most audiences won’t relate with the Platinum-selling act’s emo-by-way-of-punk pathway to musical salvation. While their sorrowful emoting and alienation-obsessed lyrics weave a peculiar, color-soaked tapestry, they only deliver a smattering of memorable choruses and fleeting, uninspired bridges. This riddle remains: what’s the value in popular music that fails to trigger a desire for repeated listens?

Score: 6 out of 10

AFI (The Blood Album)
Concord Music Group
Producer: Jade Puget & Matt Hyde