Imagem Music Renews with Cutcraft Music Group

Imagem Music U.S. has announced a renewed partnership with Cutcraft Music Group. The independent music publishing company will work with Cutcraft on a diverse roster of talented artists including Kossisko, ESCQ, Swimsuit Issue, All Hail Noir and more, in addition to the continued success they've already had with Chet Faker, V Bozeman and songwriter/producer C.P DUBB.

"Cutcraft has been an incredible experience from Inception," said Katrina Sirdofsky, founder of Cutcraft Music Group. "To be able to re-team with the great folks at Imagem has created further opportunity to provide our artists and writers with a global reach utilizing our collective passion and experience to support their music in a more meaningful way."

"There has never been a better time for Imagem Music to reconnect with Katrina and the team at Cutcraft Music," said Jason Jordan, President of Imagem Music U.S. "Her highly respected tenacity and dedication to young artists mirrors our growth and progressive outlook, and our shared vision for a forward-thinking partnership will bring her unique talent to the Imagem Music roster."

For more information, visit us.imagem-music.com.