Tyrants in Therapy

New Music Critique: Tyrants in Therapy


AbbeAbbe & Michael J are Tyrants in Therapy, whose off-kilter, alternative act achieves a ragged charm by virtue of its comedic overtones. Despite or perhaps because of AbbeAbbe’s occasionally off-key singing and the lyrics’ determined lumpi- ness, a song like “You Are The One I Love” makes the most of its sly, comic moments. Michael J shines on the jazzy, catchy, repetative “Drunk Women” (“Imagine what I could do with eight drunk women, all sexy and ready to mate.”) Interjecting R-rated parodies of “Spotify” ad spots between their songs is fun and keeps things interesting. Though not to everyone’s taste, this pair is guaranteed to elicit more than a few giggles and maybe a few good-natured groans.

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Web: tyrantsintherapy.com
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Style: Punk Cabaret