Jazlyn Gold

New Music Critique: Jazlyn Gold


Detroit-based artist Jazlyn Gold puts forth a strong, resourceful persona on her recordings, showing herself to likely be a captivating live performer at this point in her career. We are most impressed by “Paperboy” whose adroit placement of piano flourishes beneath her emphatic beats provides a fitting foundation for her chanted proclamation of undaunted individuality in the face of a mercenary, pay-as-you-go world. We are less impressed by her song “Hallelujah”—despite the artist’s undaunted, inspirational spirit, and the nice piano flourishes she puts beneath her beats, the song’s repetitiveness wore us down. We can easily imagine this artist connecting well with an intimate, coffeehouse crowd.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/jazlyngold
Seeking: Booking, Tv/Film
Style: Hip-Hop/Rap