New Music Critique: Shwesmo


Jagged, dissonant and relentlessly kinetic, the work of NY artist Shwesmo delights in keeping the listener off balance and intrigued. “Hamsa Beat” and “Digital Elephants” are examples of this, and both are spiced with Middle Eastern sounds, breathless/robotic/alien voices and percussion fx that suggest a futuristic James Bond theme or Blue Man Group 2050. On “Cured By The Sun,” he proves that despite his provocative, abrasive side, he can also concoct a composition that glows with tranquil melodics and soothing, ambient tones that gel into a memorable theme—perhaps for a film or video game? In sum, Shwesmo is an intriguing composer who’s intent on exploring his uniqueness.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: shwesmo.bandcamp.com

Seeking: Booking, Film/TV

Style: Electronic/Fusion