Bauhaus Reunion: Night #1

After Sunday night’s electrifying Bauhaus reunion in Los Angeles, it’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago, vocalist Peter Murphy was rushed to the hospital after suffering a severe heart attack, resulting in two stents being placed in his right coronary artery. Now in their 60s, the Post-Punk Godfathers showed no signs of slowing down. For the first time in 13 years, Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, David J., and Kevin Haskins did what they do best bringing a dark and ominous cloud-shadowed horror to the Hollywood Palladium like no one else can.

Bauhaus roared back to life, tearing through a 20 song set of fan favorites that easily pleased the biggest of fans. The onslaught began with a John Cale cover, “Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores,” followed by 19 Bauhaus classics including “Double Dare,” “In The Flat Field,” “She’s In Parties,” “Kick In The Eye,” “Dark Entries,” and the classic that made them the goth superstars that they are, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”

In recent years, the closest fans could get to a Bauhaus reunion was to follow the members of Bauhaus in two variations : Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins’ Pop-Tone recreating material from their Tones On Tail era as well as Love and Rockets and Bauhaus; and Peter Murphy who has toured continuously, most recently celebrating his “40 Years Of Bauhaus” tour.

Time away from each other seems to not have been a factor in terms of the band’s performance, both visually and sonically, as the band delivered a show that was just as powerful as they did in 1984. Bauhaus created a sound, they created a look, they created a light show that is so bright, yet so dark and they created a legion of fans that carry on today, proudly waving the dark flag of goth-punk.

With only three shows scheduled—all at the Hollywood Palladium, it is not yet known whether the band will announce more shows or if these are perhaps warm-ups for a more proper tour. Regardless, seeing Bauhaus has always been an event, it is film noir on stage, and it has spawned dozens of imitators. Bauhaus may be a band made up of musical shortcomings, but that is the magic of this band, that is why there will only ever be one Bauhaus.


Photos by Kevin Estrada; @KevinEstradaPhotography