Calvin Rainwater

New Music Critique: Calvin Rainwater

Vocals 8

Gifted with a deep, resonant voice that bleeds authentic country values, Calvin Rainwater is also a compelling wordsmith whose themes are rich in homespun imagery (“If We Could Go Fishing”) and are as heartfelt as they are thoughtful (“Sinners & Saints”). Backed by a seasoned acoustic band that knows the value of a good guitar solo or fiddle fill, Rainwater is an artist whose recorded work, its sad and wistful emotions, suggests that he is an artist who would really connect with listeners in an intimate setting. Same goes for the loss and regret that’s conveyed in “God Sent Me An Angel, and I drug her through hell.” When this man sings, he has the ability to jerk tears from a stone.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: calvinrainwater.com
Seeking: Booking
Style: Outlaw Country