New Music Critique: Donna.R

Production 8

We enjoyed listening to these instros by Donna.R, who invests each one with fresh and familiar sounds that make them simultaneously easy to accept and exhilarating to hear. “My Light” marries a simple neo-classical piano motif with an unusually high-pitched wind instrument (flute, pipe?) that conjures a tropical, world-music vibe while also suggesting something epic. On “Crescent Sky” the bold synth-bass notes combine with uniquely brittle keyboard tones. Then, on “Night-Enchanted,” kettle drums coexist with the exhalations of synthesizers to describe a pastoral procession. Every one of this composer’s themes is distinctive. Film, TV and videogame creators should take a listen.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: worldinstrumentals.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Games
Style: Instrumental, World, Electronic