New Music Critique: Peachy


U.K. composer Peachy makes a solid case for his ability to craft themes that will complement various visual sequences. With its surging, slicing synthesizers we can definitely envision “MOOD” as an excellent fit for a rural murder mystery series. “Doze” is anything but sleepy. In fact, for this vibrant, dynamic, urban theme Peachy deploys a panoply of keyboard colors and textures, including “trumpet” and “organ.” The complex composition “Wake The Kids” has a spacey intro and a pinging bassline along with siren-like synths that fly by the listener to a sudden, abrupt conclusion. There’s enough variety here, including an effective use of “strings,” to suggest that Peachy is ready for an assignment.


Contact: [email protected]

Web: outtasight.com

Seeking: Label, Sync

Style: Ambient, Film/TV Score