NMC Artist: Winchester Revival


Production: 6
Lyrics: 7
Music: 7
Vocals: 8
Musicianship: 8
SCORE: 7.2

Contact: [email protected]
Web: winchesterrevival.com
Seeking: Label, Book, Film/TV
Style: Alternative Rock

Two things are clear from listening to these songs. One, this is a band with proggish aspirations; and, two, these recordings, such as “Last Night...,” suggest that they are probably at this time more compelling as a live act than as recording artists. Poorly mixed at times, each song fights to establish and maintain a foothold on the listener. While the lead vocalist seems to be an appealing enough presence, and the bassist is ubernimble, the former is undermixed and the latter is way overmodulated and distracts from the group’s expansive, indulgent song structures. This San Francisco band can indeed play–they clearly enjoy playing together–and their material is intriguing. They just need a surer hand behind the glass.

Winchester Revival - "Salamander"