Unsigned Artist: Robyn Cage


We really like this artist’s voice and her sonic vision that almost seems to exude sensual heat vapors. Cage infuses “Burning Now” (her apology to a lover she has driven away) with a breathy, aching emotion accompanied by a mournful piano that’s bathed in a bucketful of reverb. The song has strong moments that could be strengthened by some trimming/editing. Continuing her fire imagery, the vivid characters and events in Cage’s “The Arsonist & The Thief” proves her to be a captivating storyteller. Our favorite is “If You Don’t Try...,” whose hook sinks in slowly but surely. Film/TV prospects are strong for this artist, whose songs are for the brokenhearted and whose voice is nothing if not seductive and compelling.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: robyncage.com
Seeking: Label, Mgmt, Publicist, Film/TV
Style: Piano-based Alt-Pop

Robyn Cage - "The Arsonist & The Thief"