New Music Critique: Narima


Composer Narimá makes a strong case for himself as a creator of effective underscore for film or television projects. The piece “Sustain” is absolutely faithful to its title, sustaining a spacy ambient theme that’s spiced with nice accents and flavors (and somewhat jazzy Rhodes keyboard) while adhering to an unwavering pace and mood. The lengthy “Whistful Wist” has great little flute sounds and a weird little bass throb that are intriguing in this lonely, desolate soundscape. Our favorite is “Throb” whose gentle chimes, distant clangs, drunken drumbeats and blends of organic and synthetic sounds add up to a spooky, unnerving vibe that would work well in a trippy movie soundtrack.

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Web: shorturl.at/qtQ16
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Ambient