Basic Desire

New Music Critique: Basic Desire


Australian duo Basic Desire adhere to a strict formula and synthesizer palette that features singer Paulina Caine’s breathy soprano (ranging nicely from head tones to chest voice) and composer Henry Kubik’s airy, heavenly melodics. Lyrics are earnest and heartfelt. The overall effect suggests bravura vistas and romantic love, and results in a quite edgeless, middle-of-the- road product––which is fine for a certain audience. Perhaps there’s a market for this material in nature videos based on soaring, sweeping drone footage or in Cirque du Soleil theater. Most particularly, Basic Desire bears an uncanny similarity to many Asian synth-pop acts, so they might want to test the musical waters in that area.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/basicdesire
Seeking: Film/TV, Booking
Style: Electronic, Ambient

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