NARIP to Host Free Stage Performance Webinar

NARIP will be hosting a free webinar with Emmy-Nominated Creative and Music Director Jonathan Tessero, who has directed from Broadway to Beyonce, on June 21.

Join the program to hear his top ten tips and strategies to make every live show one that will engage the audience, create more fans and make it an event to remember.  To RSVP visit narip.com/events/free-webinar-abcs-of-a-great-stage-show/


  • Coordinate: Choreography and costumes or even a lighting rig aren’t necessary to present a strong visual identity.
  • Camaraderie & Chemistry: While they should NEVER tell it during a show, all bands have a story. An artist should create short running jokes based on his history and help his audiences see his (or the band’s) personalities. Remember, chemistry is part of a great show!
  • Be Creative: Re-imagining your own songs in new and interesting way is a great start to giving your audience an experience.
  • Covers: Covers are a great way to bring a new element to original music. Even just a well-placed chorus of a beloved classic into an
    original song is a great way to help an audiences feel more familiar with an artist’s show.
  • Coach: Are audiences used to seeing the artist in a bar? At a standing concert venue? Or at a seated theater? Remember that as
    formats change, an audience isn’t always sure of the rules. Help them! If you want them to stand and dance, encourage them to do so.
  • Click Track: Not just a great thing to get into the habit of using during practice, a well-programmed click track will also help maintain a show’s flow and keep the dead air between songs to a minimum.


  • 5 things to avoid during a LIVE performance


Tessero will take audience questions during the last 20 minutes of the program be sure to tune in LIVE to get YOUR questions answered.