Robyn Hitchcock - music album review

Music Album Review: Robyn Hitchcock - "Robyn Hitchcock" (9/10)

Robyn Hitchcock has been putting out excellent music for over three decades, and this release definitely ranks with some of his best. His guitar-based psychedelic pop encompasses the ‘60s British Invasion and
Barrett-era Pink Floyd, and this recording features masterful western pedal-steel on several tunes. Hitchcock’s wry and sometimes surreally incisive lyrics on the human condition are in full force here, as in “Eight million zeros are still zero,” and “1970 is gone now, sits in amber like a fly.” This stands to be one of 2017’s best releases so far. Whether an old fan or new fan, you’re gonna dig this masterful album.

Released by: Yep Roc Records
Producer: Brendan Benson