The Wild Things Can’t Do Without Their '60s Lowrey Organ

Cameron White of "London by-way-of Los Angeles rock badasses The Wild Things" told us about the 60’s Lowrey organ that the Who's Pete Townshend gave them.

Cameron White: We’re very lucky to have our own recording studio that we pretty much live out of. We do everything there - record, write, tour rehearsals, meetings (even midnight BBQ for the band and crew if a show is local enough). An easy pick for a special piece of gear would be [frontwoman] Syd’s gold Gibson Firebird, or the loudest old Ludwig drum kit you’ve ever heard, but one truly special item was kindly donated by Pete Townshend. 

It’s a mid 60s Lowrey organ, which has a particular setting that you’ll recognize on a song called “Baba O’Riley”. Although that sound is incredible and very versatile, it’s about 20% of what the organ can do. It has a built-in Leslie, wah-wah pedal, chorus and reverb, and can even double as a smoke machine when you definitely don’t want it to! We’ve used this a lot across our upcoming album ‘Afterglow’ (and on our new single taken from the record, “Drunk Again”), and had an incredible amount of fun seeing how far we could push it.

The Wild Things' Friends With Benefits EP is out now.