Avantone Pro brings back ‘white cone’ studio monitor in CLA-10 Active and CLA-10 Passive

Having closely collaborated with GRAMMY® Award-winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge to previously introduce its full-range, two-way passive CLA-10 as an accurate recreation of an iconic studio monitoring mainstay, subsequently followed by its active CLA-10A counterpart, affordable high-quality audio products producer Avantone Pro has announced a repeat return of the ‘white cone’ classic studio reference monitor in question in appropriately-named next-generation CLA-10 Active and CLA-10 Passive configurations — CLA-10 Active replacing CLA-10A, remaining almost identical to the original bar some slight aesthetic changes; CLA-10 Passive replacing CLA-10, and adding a new TPC (Tissue Paper Control) switch so the HMF (High Mid Frequency) driver output can now be dropped by 2 dB to simulate the high-frequency dampening trick of covering the tweeters with tissue paper often deployed by those in the know when working with the original ‘white cone’ classic back in the day and beyond.

Closely collaborating with Platinum album-mixing specialising studio stalwart Chris Lord-Alge, Avantone Pro originally set out on a musical mission to recreate the ubiquitous ‘white cone’ classic studio monitor that has been the staple of world-class recording studios for over 45 years — the sound of hits, in other words! Since supply of aftermarket components for those vintage white-cone speakers had dwindled, Avantone Pro took it upon itself to fill the void, drawing upon its decade-plus global experience in driver construction to create near-identical reproductions of both drivers and the classic crossover that all stay true to the original specifications while meeting modern environmental standards. Saying that, then, Avantone Pro’s proprietary AV10-MHF 3.5cm soft dome HF (High Frequency) tweeter underwent rigorous engineering to arrive at the exact phenolic resin doping required to replicate the original’s performance curve while the AV10-MLF 18cm cone LF (Low Frequency) woofer — unmistakably white in its cone’s emulative execution, of course (with Avantone Pro even going as far as to closely collaborate with one of the original vendors to ensure that its stiffness and weight flawlessly match the original’s behaviour) — boasts custom-tooled mechanical parts that faithfully mirror its predecessor.

Put it this way: while that ubiquitous ‘white-cone’ classic studio monitor is not known as the world’s best for casual listening, it is instead known for being the world’s best reference for mixing. Meticulous research into the original — and an unwavering attention to sonic detail — led to it effectively being reborn for a new generation of audio purists for the first time as Avantone Pro’s CLA-10 full-range, two-way stereo pair, delivering a 60 - 20,000 Hz frequency response (accessible musical range) via an AV10-MLF and AV10-MHF mounted in a hybrid medium-density fibreboard and real wood veneer sealed cabinet design. Duly delivering the unforgiving mid-forward frequency response that lets users focus on the most mission-critical elements of their mix — vocals in particular, if a mix sounds great on a pair of CLA-10s then rest assured that it should sound great on any speaker!

Speaking of which, Avantone Pro did not simply stop at matching the original, of course, but rather made available active and passive variants of its collaborative creation, introducing unique high-frequency adjustments that are unavailable to those working with the iconic studio monitoring mainstay from which the affordable high-quality audio products producer so successfully drew its inspiration.