Point Source Audio Debuts AVIXA CTS-Certified Training for Microphones

Point Source Audio has announced an AVIXA-approved training course in the professional use and cleaning of body-worn microphones on the heels of its recently launched MIKE’S ACADEMY online educational hub.

Titled ‘Body-Worn Microphones and Personal Audio Equipment - Applications and Maintenance’, the course will deliver 1.25 Renewal Units (RU) towards achieving or retaining CTS / CTS-D certification.

Focusing on both the everyday use and upkeep of high-end body-worn microphone technology, the course will provide invaluable insight into close contact mic placement as well as teaching artists to effectively self-mic—a particularly hot topic in the midst of the current global pandemic. The course will be available to newcomers to AVIXA certification as well as current CTS holders.

Widely acknowledged as a stamp of credibility amongst audiovisual professionals, CTS certification continues to drive industry education with more than 80% of firms preferring CTS holders for higher level engineering and technician positions. The focus on technical achievement aligns perfectly with Point Source Audio’s own philosophy, explains Market Development Manager Mac Johnson: “AXIVA members are able to create an integrated AV experience that delivers a quality outcome every time. Through CTS certification, industry professionals can attain a level of expertise that in return gives confidence to customers—that has always been our main focus.”

Alongside looking in detail at mic placement, attendees will benefit from best practice training in choosing the right microphone to match the performance criteria and aesthetic needs of an event, as well as redundant microphone placement techniques and the steps in sanitization.

The course description and details can be found on the company’s website through MIKE’S ACADEMY at www.point-sourceaudio.com/avixa-microphones-and-personal-audio-equipment-course/

Dates and times for the course will be announced soon.

To learn more about  Point Source Audio products, visit www.point-sourceaudio.com.