Up Close: Yamaha Guitars

A Passion for Playing: In 1887 Yamaha started making musical instruments in Hamamatsu, Japan. From there, Yamaha has grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments, including pianos, “silent pianos,” drums, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, celli and vibraphones. Product Marketing Manager Dennis Webster says, “Sharing passion and performance is at the core of each Yamaha employee. This principle is second nature as many of us are musicians promoting music and ensuring everyone from beginning musicians to professionals enjoy music throughout their lifetime.”CSF 1

TransAcoustic Guitars: The #1 selling acoustic guitar company in the U.S., Yamaha recently introduced the first of its kind TransAcoustic Guitar, which allows the musician to add reverb and chorus via built-in modules instead of external amplification equipment.  It features an actuator installed on the inner surface of the guitar back that vibrates in response to the vibrations of the strings. These vibrations are then conveyed to the body of the guitar, and to the air in and around the guitar body, generating authentic reverb and chorus sounds from inside the body. “I have never played a more inspiring, engaging acoustic guitar,” says Webster. “It takes you places musically you couldn’t go before.”

The A-Series: Designed to be the ideal performance acoustic guitar, the Yamaha A-Series is crafted from the ground up to be perfectly suited to life on the road. It has a natural, dynamic plugged-in tone and stage-ready simplicity from the new SRT2 pickup system; hand-rolled fingerboard edges on a straight taper neck; and a custom-designed scalloped bracing pattern for an all-new powerful, expressive acoustic tone. “We’ve taken a great workhorse performance guitar and given it a new voice and enhanced sound for today’s performers,” Webster says.

CSF: Compact guitars have a reputation for sounding “weak,” but the CSF series features an all-new design that ends this preconception. With a rich, vibrant sound that transcends its size, the CSF series feels great to play and lacks nothing in comparison to many of its larger counterparts. Their compact form makes them easy to carry and allows them to be stored without taking up much space. “During the last century,” Webster says, “guitar sizes kept growing, but there is now increasing demand for smaller instruments which allow musicians to play more comfortably. The CSF is the next-level parlor guitar.”

Contact Yamaha, 714-522-9011, usa.yamaha.com