Senses Fail

Senses Fail 'If There Is Light, It Will Find You' Tour in Santa Ana, CA

Senses Fail is back and better than ever with their 7th studio album, If There is Light, It Will Find You.  Frontman and last remaining original member, James ‘Buddy’ Nielsen had to tackle some difficult challenges leading up to the recording of this album and the emotion is certainly portrayed throughout the record. Buddy brought that emotion and more to the stage Tuesday night at the OC Observatory when he and the rest of Senses Fail members kicked off their tour in Santa Ana, California. With a trio of bands opening the night including Household, Have Mercy, and Reggie And The Full Effect, the show was a robust night full of musical talent, mosh pits, and crowd surfing.

The moment Buddy walked onto the stage, the sold-out crowd was buzzing, and the energy was immediate as the band hyped up the crowd with song, “Family Tradition.” The band played an amazing 20 song setlist and included some of their well-known songs such as, “Calling All Cars,” “Buried A Lie,” “Lady in A Blue Dress” and “Rum is For Drinking”. They also played several songs off of their new album including, “Gold Jacket, Green Jacket,” and “Double Cross.”

Buddy was a constant riot of energy and there were only a few fleeting moments to which he paused to catch his breath. During these moments he addressed the crowd and shared some intimate details about his life including his wife’s diagnosis with MS, their family’s loss with a miscarriage and his wife’s near-death experience. He also spoke of the birth of their daughter, where he dedicated the song, “Breath In, Breath Out” to her. In a gut-wrenching moment felt throughout the venue, Buddy paused his performance and openly shed a few tears with the crowd before he ripped the song apart with raw emotion and power.

That energy and emotion was the theme for the rest of the evening as the band closed out their set with, “Bite to Break Skin.” Senses Fail has 25 tour dates left and will be out on the road until the end of March. Make sure to catch their performance if they swing through your town.

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